söndag 24 november 2013

My style

Being an antique-dealer I love vintage clothes but since it it difficult to get hold of I am also satisfied with a classic look. Sometimes I stray and explore other styles but I seem to always return to the classic look. Here are a collage of pictures of the style I love...
Just chic...
however I would not wear the golden necklace. It is a bit too much in my taste.

Love everything about this outfit. Must learn to wear hats.

Casual chic
Good quality blouse, a pair of chinos, a nice bag and high heels and you look like a million.

Casual chic...
Good quality oversize sweater, big bangles, tattered jeans and high heels - perfect!

Summer cool and romantic.
Love the colours.

I cannot wear leather but if I could I would for sure choose this outfit.
Classic and very elegant.

Perfect outfit for work.


A big scarf can lift any outfit to look elegant.

Love, love, love
Elegant but still not too overdressed.

Perfect look for us living in the woods, working in a small town and loving dogs.
Practical and chic.

On my wishlist....

this one too...

If you keep it classic you will never be out of style...
Have a nice day!

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