torsdag 19 september 2013

Being the perfect woman

All these blogs about being perfect, staying young and attractive make me want to start a revolution. 

They give women advice on how to stay slim by never eating so much that you feel full, always stay hungry (yes that seems like a healthy diet!!), exercise 2 hours a day with a personal trainer (who can afford that??).

Rinse your skin 3 times a day (when can a working girl find the time for that??), spend hours and hours a day picking all unwanted hair off your body (that means that I will be spending 75% of my life picking hair, is that really what life is all about???)

Your nails should always be in perfect condition which means you need to have them fixed by a professional once a week, go to the hairdresser every second week, get a massage every other week to maintain your flexibility (the sub-meaning of that is that you should be a karma-sutra goddess in bed!).

You should use 35 different types of moisturizer and cream to keep your skin smooth, elastic and glowing. 

At social events you may take a glass of wine but make it last for about 4 hours (it is filled with those horrible calories!!) and make sure that you exercise an hour longer the day after and drink 3 extra liters of water to rinse it out of your system.

Always walk like you have 10 men behind you (who the f... cares???)

Make sure you are a good listener, never persist in stating your own opinion and always encourage and support your man (what century are we living in???) 

Don't be aggressive that is simply not attractive in a woman. Be understanding and caring.

Always keep your house spotless, you never know who will come for a surprise visit (and???) 

These are just some of the advice you are given on different blogs in 2013!!!

I say - no man on earth is worth all that trouble but if a man is willing to do all that for ME then I'll give it a go!!!
Except for the part about being a vegetarian!!!

Have a nice day!

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