onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Why do we love men?

  • Men are like wheel barrows; they are full of junk but quite useful sometimes!
  • Men era like flowers they are beautiful when you pick them but after just a couple of hours they fade away.
  • Men are like grass you have to cut them regularly in order to keep the weed from appearing.
  • Men are like cars, full of strange things you don't understand, only works when they fell like it and VERY expensive.
  • Men are like unhealthy food it might taste good for the moment but it will harm your body!
  • Men are like poor soil, it is very difficult to grow anything but weed in it.
  • Men are like glass, you can see right through them and they break very easily.
  • Men are like the rain it pours over you when you least expect it, if not prepared you might get wet but it often turns out to be a cold experience.
  • Men are like good vine, it taste good, you like the feeling but the next day you will regret that you ever took the first sip.

So why do we like them? 
Good question, but we do, don’t we?

It must be something biological that we cannot control!

Have a nice day

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