onsdag 8 augusti 2012

Back again after a couple of intense weeks prepairing for the Helsingborg Antiques Fair. Then doing the Fair  for a week and at the same time running the shop and after that trying to put everything in order again... fun but a lot of work!

Here are som pictures from the stand

It was a great fair with good and nice custumers and a lot of laughs with friends and colleagues.
A special thanks to Kim and Björn from http://www.k-co.dk/ good friends whom I always miss after a day or so. My lovely friend Klaus from Denmark  http://www.antikk.dk/ who always knows exactly the right thing to say when you are down. My friends from Belgium  Christian and Dominique from Wahrens Antik who always makes the fairs fun and ejoyable and this year we were also greated with a visit from Henri and lovely Christine. Thank you all and see you soon!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Rigtig mange knus til jer , I er altså også savnet , men vi ses jo heldivis igen , snart måske.

    Knus Kim&Bjørn.

  2. Ja det håber jeg da virkelig at vi gör! :-)
    Knus Trine